Pi-Vr VRED 5.02 win x32/x64

Pi-Vr VRED 5.02 win x32/x64 | 151.95 MB

VRED – Software solutions for virtual reality and high-end image creation Products for the future of photorealistic visualization and the next generation of virtual reality in realtime.

Why use VRED?

* Most powerful virtual reality software package in the world.
* Fastest raytracing and OpenGL renderengine on the market.
* Perfect OpenGL – raytracing synchrony.
* Best material and shading quality.
* Perfect surface quality due to NURBS raytracing.
* Groundbraking software application for CAD datapreparation.
* Shortest datapreparation times for virtual prototyping projects.
* Minimum render times for high end print productions.
* Rendering of datasets up to 2 billion polygons and more.

VRED Professional 5.02 Bugfix Release

PI-VR releases the VRED Professional 5.02 Bugfix Release. It includes important new features for clustering as well as a number of bugfixes. Registered customers can download the update version in our support section.

New features:

* Cluster: Added version control (auto start the right clusterServer version)

* Cluster: Added new lossy compression mode

* Cluster: Optimized away the pixel format option

Bug Fixes:

* Animations: Fixed animations for copying nodes

* Animations: Fixed rad/deg problem for material animation attributes

* Raytracing Custer: Fixed still antialiasing cancel via joystick navigation

General Information

Type……………..: Rendering
Platform………….: win 32&64bit
Serial #………….: n/a
Homepage …………: http://www.pi-vr.de/en/start.html

Install Notes

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. Now Start the baby again and have fun.