Frigate Professional

Frigate Professional | 15 Mb

Frigate - a very powerful file manager that allows you to quickly, intuitively and, most importantly, from the comfort of working at his computer. To date, Frigate is the most functional and most powerful tool for working with files. The frigate is always ahead of the rest of managers in the application of new technologies and concepts.

Key features 
* Freely adjustable and comfortable environment for file management
* Transparency of the interface. Now you can browse the files on ftp or in the archive as easily as on the local machine.
* Quick view. Deal with the collection of photos, music collection or simply razgresti mess in your Download.
* A set of viewers: DBF, RTF, HTML, DOC, Excel.
* A set of useful tools (calculator, notepad Quick, Structural notepad, Startup Manager)
* Easy navigation.
o Quick folders (bookmarks). The ability to quickly call in those folders that you visit most often.
o Favorites, analog favorites of IE.
o History folder navigation, the history of viewing and editing files.

* View and edit MP3 tags.
* Details of video files.
* Work with pictures, supports all popular image formats (jpeg, png, gif ,...)
o Rotate image 90 degrees. Easy to view photos; turns remembered.
o Select the desired picture or to find amongst others helps mosaic images.
o converter image formats.
o Slide Show.

File capabilities 
* The simultaneous execution of any number of file operations (copy, rename, FTP, search, compression, unzip, folder view, etc.)
Burn files to CD
* Effective support for most types of archives (Zip, Arj, Rar, Ace, Jar, Ha, Lha, and others)
* Compare files. Useful feature if necessary to find a list of changes in two files.
* Synchronize folders.
* Manager of sizes. Opportunity to find files and folders that occupy much space on your hard drive.
* Recover files after a break up. Especially necessary when copying large files such as movies on the network.
* Support for file plugins Total Commander.
* Search and Replace in multiple files. The search is performed using regular expressions.
* File Filter

Text editor 
* Tsvetovydelenie for most programming languages (C, C + +, Java, Pascal ,...), scripting languages (Perl, VBScript, Bat ,...), and document description language (HTML, XML)
* Method navigator - able to quickly find the desired function or procedure in the program files (Pascal, VB, SQL, PHP, Perl, etc.)
* Support for HTML. Speed dialing most used tags. The ability to view in Internet Explorer. Code Complection.
* Export to HTML and RTF with preservation of the color scheme. Very comfortable for the publication of his source on the web.
* Convert the layout. Correct the error if you accidentally typed the phrase in the English keyboard layout, but like in Russian.