A-PDF Scan Optimizer v2.2.0

A-PDF Scan Optimizer v2.2.0 | 2 Mb

A-PDF Scan Optimizer - provides a fast way to batch optimize the scanned documents, PDF. It can help you fix the "skew" the scanned image to convert scanned images into black and white, or gray, and redecorated the image and remove unused blank pages. A-PDF Scan Optimizer opens a PDF file and automatically checks for the displaced images, and then corrects the distortion by using a special algorithm.

A-PDF Scan Optimizer provides a quick way to batch optimize your scanned PDF documents. A-PDF Scan Optimizer help you to correct the skew scanned image within PDF; convert the scanned image to black / white or gray in Acrobat PDF; downsample the image in PDF and delete unused blank page in PDF directly.

Special features:
- Autonomy - no need Adobe Acrobat.
- Batch mode conversion.
- The use of optimized algorithms for faster processing.
- The optimization process is fully automatic.
- Simple, clear interface.