Glowfish v1.0 Cracked-F4CG

Glowfish v1.0 Cracked-F4CG | 55 MB
The evil Dr. Urchin has kidnapped Coralline, and sea creatures throughout the depths have been snatched up and forced to be his friends! It`s up to Glowfish to free his lady friend and sea pals everywhere from the clutches of the manipulative echinoderm and his minions in this platformer adventure game.

Swim your way with fluid control through a motion-filled maze of brilliantly-colored ocean landscapes and unforgettable sea characters.

Beware-while you scour the ocean floor in search of lost friends waiting for rescue, a host of enemies is lurking! Each level takes you deeper in the unique ocean world with new challenges and enemies at every turn.

Add to your team by collecting powerful Super Chums to help you along the way, and upgrade them by collecting coins to give you even more of an edge over your enemies! Dive in and be prepared to be dazzled in Glowfish.

Key Game Features:
50 platform-adventure levels
Unlock all 8 Super Chums
Collect coins to make your Super Chums even more powerful
Get 4 Stars on each level
Vibrant, colorful underwater environments
Challenges and enemies await in each maze
Hours of entertainment