DtSearch Desktop v7.68.8010-Lz0 ( text searcher )

DtSearch Desktop v7.68.8010-Lz0 | 39.9 MB
DtSearch Desktop - A program that allows search gigabytes of text in seconds on your computer by creating an index that stores the location of the words in your files. The program offers a feature highlighting the desired fragments in the found documents and supports an extensive list of databases e-mail messages and file formats. Established program features more than two dozen features an indexed, full-text and structured search, including a customizable fuzzy search, search using synonyms, terms and vocabularies, logical operators rlt, the ranking by relevancy ranking by location, search phrases and harmonies, search the mask, search for the light sequence and relative location of the desired units, morphological search, search in a specified range of numeric values??, customizable weight of the desired units. In addition, Unicode support, the program provides information retrieval on the various national languages??.