Celcom / Maxis unlimited usage with Mytunnel'sVPN


  • Bypass - Bypass blocked internet (Working with Watchguard Firewall)
  • IP Location Filtering website in US is bypass. E.g hulu.com.  
  • Can bypass Celcom and Maxis quota/bandwidth/speed 


Why use vpn?

  1. There are some people who didn`t know about VPN. VPN or the long name, Virtual Private Network is one of the anonymity tools to stay hidden from public. If you are concerning about your data being sniff or your email read by some users in your network, VPN is your solution. Is that all?
  2. What is your Internet Service Provider(ISP)? Do they block the file sharing website? Do your school internet prevent you from surfing some website such as Facebook, Twitter, Rapidshare or any other site? These can easily be bypass by using VPN.
  3. Your friend got some high speed wifi without encryption? Do you connect through them to get your internet? Well, he can easily sniff your data, and all the traffic inside his wifi. By using VPN, no data can be accquired by him or anyone else. Forgot something, if you are stingy just to rent internet service, why would you pay for VPN right?

What is the price?

  1. For the first two month, customer need to pay RM 25. RM 10 is for lifetime user management and RM 15 is for 2 months VPN subscription. The next two months will be only charge RM 15. So, subscription for one month is RM 7.50.
  2. Don`t worry about the bandwidth. Download as much as you want.
  3. Include load balancing/failover measurement to prevent you lost from VPN connection.
  4. Please read About page to know more about this service. 

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