AIO Active for Windows 7 (28.08.2011)

AIO Active for Windows 7 (28.08.2011) | 285 MB

Complete collection of ways to activate Windows 7 - a collection of programs and ways to activate Windows 7 by DG Win & Soft. All methods and programs are checked personally by the authors build a lot of time and they can safely recommend them to you. All methods of activation in the hand being tested after the "anti-piracy" KB971033 update and activate SP1.

- If you have a direct hand, want to activate in Off-line mode and no longer bother to search for keys every six months, then you are prepared activation via firmware BIOS. But be careful, because if your not the right things, you have the chance to bungle the operation and will have to contact the service center. And keep in mind that for every BIOS (AMI, Award, Phoenix) has its own specific program (AMI - amitool, etc.), which you can see the BIOS when you boot your computer.

- If you do not want to make any changes either in your "iron" or the very Windows, and that your activation is not distinguished by anything from legal activation, your choice of KMS server. Using a virtual machine, this method can also be called Off-line. But you should know that this method of activation for six months and 180 days, you again have to repeat it. Also, this method only for Enterprise and Professional

- If you did not accept neither the first nor the second of our suggested methods, you can take advantage of activators. Without going into too much detail, we can say that activators emulate the BIOS with slicom 2.1. But no one gives a guarantee that Microsoft will not release a patch or update that will detect the presence of emulation and reset the activation. Recommend starting with an activator of Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition (Napalum), because He has a huge number of settings and features and good will activate automatically.

Note: If your antivirusnik swears by the presence of viruses in the hand, then it is a grave error and work shpienov from Microsoft - the distribution of clean as a tear baby, checked in several antivirusnik (Kaspersky, MSE, Dr.Web)

Note: There is Chew-WGA and RemoveWAT, but we really do not recommend using them because Though they are efficient, but users have the problem. Especially changing the code in the system and remove system files can lead to unpredictable consequences.

All programs must run as administrator

Activators - simply and conveniently

GUI MBR SLIC Loader 0.621 by DDDC v1.2 by Kolizey

What added / fixed:
- Choice options in the interface-intel
- Function / uninstall (though in fact / fixmbr same)
- The ability to view a log of the last operation by pressing the acc. button
- Backup MBR in the program folder, naming the file is based on the current date and time. although it later than to restore, I do not know
- Added a line of input its parameters (for rare cases), all the above, this is ignored, including the function.
- Fixed incorrect start "not from drive C:"

Emulator MBR-Slic Loader

Software downloads SLIC from MBR.
Required for Offline OEM activation of Windows 7

This type of activation of Windows 7 is called the triple, as assumes the use of SLIC, certificate and key OEM: SLP.

Windows 7 Loader 2.0.6 (by Daz)

* Can work independently, just put the executable wherever you would like.
* Maintain your personal list of serial numbers, future or present (in the set of found keys)
* You can add your own certificate and Slic
* Automatically detects the correct drive (if required)
* Built-in installation and removal.
* Check your version of Windows before installing and assembling
* Automatically detects the active boot partition
* Works with all languages
* Works in conjunction with hidden partitions
* Works on Windows 7 and Vista
* Supports a modified BIOS users
* Ability to "silent" installation
* You can use this tool to activate Windows 7/Vista ISO-images, editing setupcomplete.cmd
* Improve loading time of Windows 7 on a Mac
* Support for encrypted Slic

* The use of encryption and randomization for the difficulty of finding an activator
* Byte difference - every time GRLDR not be the same byte for byte
* The matching profile - selected Slic, certificate and serial number, best suited to your system
* Argument - Can be used for pre-activation of the OS
* Various error checking for the functions of the activator, which makes it more reliable
* Check for Frankenbuild
* Integral check with the conclusion of useful information on the screen so the user can verify this
* Support for an external file with the keys for all versions of OS
* Support for external files and certificates Slic
* The latest version of GRLDR, unlike other similar applications, which increases the chance of a successful activation

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503 (Napalum)>> recommend you start with a <<
Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition - the latest version now activator for Windows 7 h86/64 from the notorious "Napalum". Activator is suitable for any version of "Seven." Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition - is a versatile tool to activate any version of Windows 7/Vista/2008R2/2008. Interacts directly with elements of the operating system responsible for activation.

It supports all the official ways to activate and removes a number of internal restrictions on their use. Provides an adequate level of security the user, allowing fearlessly make intuitive interaction with the activator. Able to perform all the basic functions of the individual tools used for activation.

* UniDAZ
This program is designed to remove from the system of so-called "Loaders", including from DAZ.

* RemoveWAT Uninstall
The program catch-up tracks from RemoveWAT activator (Cleans up things RemoveWAT doesn't restore. This will restart your PC). Used after removal of the activator (the menu itself RemoveWAT). Development Daz `a! VIRUS NO!

BIOS (flashing BIOS) - Difficult, but most reliably
General introduction (you will see your actions)
1) You need to know your motherboard model and firmware version
2) Download the latest version of the BIOS firmware from the manufacturer mat. Boards
3) modify it according to instructions
4) ask my payment instructions to her
5) Install the certificate
6) Set the key

KMS - Not always, but very reliable (for Enterprise and Professional, as well as MS Office 2010)

This activator - is supplemented and amended by ZWT KMS-keygen (in this distribution is named as SuperMini) with user-Ru-Board under the name Ivn78.

KMS-keygen installed as a service Windows, memory consumption is minimal (~ 2 Mb RAM).
Unfortunately, KMS-keygen does not always gives the correct activation code, because of what the activation might not work the first time.
Script 4 attempts, then you are prompted to continue and runs 4 more attempts to activate.
The interval between attempts is 3 seconds.

Update History 28/08/2011
* Updated activator from Daz to version 2.0.6.
* Added instructions to activate the laptop from Samsung Gor96 activator of Daz.