Warcraft III MODs by K-4-iN | 142MB

Warcraft III MODs by K-4-iN:
- Modify the interface of Warcraft III - buttons, lights, bars and background. Do not modify all buttons - only the ‘main’ buttons. For example, campaign and battle.net buttons ‘don’t change’.
- Backgrounds in widescreen resolution 16:10 (ex.: 1440x900)
- You can put any background you want. More explanations in “Read-Me” file.
- There are 7 different colors: Original Blue (only the colors of chains changes), Light Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Dark Yellow and Gray Scale.
- The background doesn’t move.
- Any problem, please, notify me!

Edit: The MODs don't change ingame buttons, arrow, font, color of critical, etc... I was thinking to do that but... I don't know if will be good, I like the originals. 

Download - Full Pack:
media fire : Warcraft III MODs by K-4-iN.rar (142mb)