DotA 6.74c Map Download

Language:    English
Date: 2012-03-21
MD5: 3b6f046950ecac0babeba8412b00b7a8

Changelog 6.74c
* Fixed Flamebreak not functioning properly with creeps

Changelog 6.74b
* Fixed a rare bug that could cause Panda Brewmaster to not respawn after death
* Fixed Ogre Magi keeping the Aghanims bonus after selling it
* Fixed Aghanim's secondary Fireblast from being unable to target flying units
* Fixed Flamebreak not interrupting channeling
* Fixed Flamebreak affecting Magic Immune units
* Fixed Fog of War in -sp mode
* Fixed a rare chance for EMP to cause a suicide

DotA 6.74c Map Download:
DotA 6.74c (7.8 MB)

Download the map from the link above and extract the zip file in your "Warcraft 3\Maps\Download" sub-directory.