Rapidshare Hack

Rapidshare is the most popular web portal for downloading & sharing of files. We can get the premium membership here & can enjoy unlimited downloads
. The rates are according to the type of membership which starts from as low as 48 hours expiry time to 1 year membership. We can also use it as a free member but for that we have some restrictions regarding download.

As a paid member we do not have to wait for the download & we can also facilitate multi file download at a given time. They also have an interesting feature with the paid membership, we can load our files, link them, & if anyone downloads it we get 1 point for each download & we can get a new RS account if we can manage 10000 download .
This is one of the most comprehensive website with exceptional traffic. Here it maintains the consistency with its performance & never goes out of order. This web site is really popular through out the world. The only problem in it, at times people post fake files which have viruses, miny Trojans etc which can really create problem in your computer if you download & execute them.
So one has to be careful while downloading & make sure that you just don’t download anything that does not come from a confidential source. Rest is cool with this site.
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